Set in the Oakland hills with views as far as the eye can travel, this inspiring lawn conversion blends in stunningly with the natural surroundings. Connecticut full-range flagstone paths break up the large space, creating “good circuits” to guide visitors organically through it. Swaths of meadow-like borders pop with tough, waterwise perennials (Penstemon, Grevillea, Lomandra) offering robust year-round color and texture. Low-growing Ceanothus and Myoporum around the pool avoid obstructing views of the dreamy horizon beyond. Where there’s a path, there’s a destination, and this design presents several, all with a spectacular 360-degree view. Olive trees anchor a raised edible garden. A previously unused area now features an often-visited fire pit while a lone black basalt bench invites quiet contemplation.

Photos by Jude Parkinson-Morgan